My Ghost Photos

UFOs in Ohio

I have lived in my home for 20 years, I am a dog groomer and work from home, I have big windows which face the western sky in my bedroom and grooming room.  I began to notice a lot of military jets leaving jet contrails in the sky in a X pattern, I went outside and snapped some photos of the planes and captured a UFO, I didn't see it when I took the pictures, I began to notice these weird rainbow spots in the sky, whenever the rainbow spots appeared, the military and UFOs showed up too

A small plane kept buzzing my house I finally went outside to take pictures of it since it was so low and kept coming back, I saw the UFO after I took the pictures, it's at the top of the pic

Crop of the object, in the next photo is is next to the plane

Next photo





Rainbow Spots 

I am beginning to think the rainbow spots are an open door that the UFOs come thru, I never see the spots without military jets showing up, and we are not that close to any military base, I notice when there is unusual air traffic

 The military planes seem to try to fly right thru them

On Sept. 22, 2004  Hundreds, if not thousand, of people witnessed unusual things in the sky here in Northeast Ohio.  The Olmstead police dept. took photos of a strange object in the sky, and hundreds of callers called in to wtam 1100 saying they saw unusual lights, as well as lots of military jets and unusual military activity. Convoys of FEMA trucks were reported, as well as the army shutting down Rt. 12 in Fostoria Ohio.  Since the Sept. sightings, people report seeing pieces of rainbows in the sky, which are immediately followed by military jets.  Notice the fighter jets right after?  Since then, the skies have been overcast, I'm still keeping my eyes to the skies, if I take any more interesting photos, I will definately post them and update this page, if there is anyone else with similar photos in the Ohio area, please EMail me, I would love to compare pics.

These are all taken on different days, they were all followed by UFO sightings

This is a still from a video camera, I set them up in my bedroom window when I see the rainbow spots

  Outback UFO

We were at curbside to go at the Outback Steakhouse,waiting to pick up our food.   I happened to have my video camera with me, I was reviewing the video I had taped that morning out the bedroom window.The sky was full of contrail lines and there were a lot of military jets.   My husband Ed was admiring the full moom when we saw this black object come down from the sky, it hoovered in one spot next to the sign, then got a glow around it. I passed the video camera to my husband, he had a better view than I, and we lost it.  We drove to the spot where we saw it and ironically it was directly above the Fairlawm Police and Fire Dept. I know it wasn't a balloon because of the unusual movement and when it got the glow around it. Here are some stills taken from the video, we were so excited, usually I happen to capture them with the camera filming out the window, this was the first one I saw with the naked eye and video taped

Stills from the video Sharp Viewcam Z







Oct.15,2005  6:40 P.M. Akron Ohio, Eastern Sky