My Ghost Photos

UFOs in Barberton?

I have an online friend in Miami, he sends me ghost and UFO sites, he sent me this one on Sept 2 2005 

 The next day, Sept. 3 2005, I went to a local race track Barberton Speedway, my dad is a retired racer and they were honoring him by putting his number on the wall, I took a bunch of photos with my digital camera (Canon)  I freaked when I got these pictures, check out the Wisconsin site, our photos are remarkable similar.  I have had this camera on numerous ghost hunts, and I take photos of my animals daily, this is the first time I ever got any like this, and for it to be the day after viewing the Burlington site is more than a coincidence.

9-3-05 Barberton Speedway Barberton Ohio





My sister Patty, she was thrilled when I told her I was putting this flattering photo on my website hahaha

Sept.3  2005



I pointed the camera into the sky over my head, there were no lights and nothing was visible to the naked eye

I had about 11 photos in a row that were weird, then the  were all normal, I went home and went ourside every night at the same time and took pictures, they were all normal, I went back to Barberton Speedway the following weekend and it happened again

Sept.10 2005

Why is he transparent? He was standing still yet you can see thru him

I got a bunch of photos  in a row that were freaky, all the pictures before and all the pictures afterward are all normal.



My Mom

I zoomed in and took these pics straight into the sky above me, there were no lights anywhereNothing was visible with the naked eye

My neice Mindy, it casts a green glow on her face

Explain this, I was pointing the camera into the sky, you can see legs and feet