My Ghost Photos

Our Totem Bear

This is a weird story, when the faces first began showing up in our mirror, we went to the Akron Theosophical Society looking for answers, it happened to be healing and message night,  we went in and sat down, a girl Darci was doing my reading, she started talking about the great Indian Smoking Mirror and knew we had a "magic mirror"  she told me that god had a plan for me, not to be afraid, that I had a totem bear with me to protect me, to have faith don't be afraid. Right after that I began to capture a bear in my mirror and on ghost hunts.



These photos were taken at Mansfield Reformatory, do you see the bear coming out of the wall?  also the silouette of a bear right next to the bear

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This was at a Ghost hunt at Prospect Place, my bear is above the window, also there are faces in the Orb