My Ghost Photos

Prospect Place is a mansion built in 1856 in Trinway Ohio

The house was used in the Underground Railroad, the barn is haunted too, there were hangings in the barn of slave hunters

Please read.... look carefully at the next 4 photos

The next 4 photos were taken seconds apart with an automatic 35 mm camera. I was photographing the mirror (I saw a face in it) when I captured this shadow lady, believed to be Anna



Me and Anna, if you look to the right  of the mirror you can see her

I turned around and took 2 photos of the picture on the wall right behind me

This is the 1st picture, it looks slightly distorted, the lady is looking to the right

This is the normal picture

This is the second picture, she is looking right at you



This photo was taken seconds after the first 3 pictures, this picture is hanging across from the mirror, if you look at the refection in the glass, you can see the shadowlady Anna, the mantle, the mirror, and Anna's face refecting in the mirror reflection, got that?  I circled it in the next photo





 circled Anna  and Anna's reflection, I showed the pictures to my friend Larry, he asked me about the breast, I looked again and indeed there is an image of a woman's brest (circled) I assure you there were no naked women near me when these picures were taken


Shadowman at the end of the hallway, black and white film, auto. 35 mm camera

Regular hallway no shadowman, these are in the basement



George's grave, no one was smoking, auto. 35 mm. camera



A friend took this photo at the same time

Black mass in George's room

Red mist at George's grave