My Ghost Photos

My Haunted Mirror

This is my haunted mirror, it is the top of a dresser, it used to belong to my friend Shelly, it was her dresser as a child, she claims it wasn't haunted when she had it.  It is believed that my house was built on Indian Sacred Ground, and it sits on an open Portal, which could explain why the mirror started getting visitors

I know he is hard to see, look closely, there is a little boy on my left, he is leaning against me, he has his hand up as if saluting. This photo was taken with a manual 35 mm camera, no flash. No one was smoking in the room


Faces appearing in the mirror, I circled a couple of them, these were taken with a manual 35 mm camera no flash

This is a photo of the mirror turned sideways, if you step back to view; a man and woman will appear

                                                                                       Same photo the correct way, look closely you can see images and writing, these were taken with a manual 35 mm camera no flash, black and white film, I believe it was 400 speed

 My Deceased dog, Valentine's Csongedi, he appeared in my mirror

He's right in the middle