My Ghost Photos

 Ghost Pics Pg.3




I really like this picture because it is black and white film, yet you can see color around the vortex, also there is a mist to the right

There is a man in the wall right below the wallpaper border, he has a moustache, I sensed a presence and snapped this picture





I collect stones, this is a Flourite Obelisk, it was in front of my window, faces appear in it

Little boy in the Obelisk, I think he's the same kid as in the mirror

 This photo was taken at Glendale Cemetary in Akron Ohio, There is something sitting on the steps

Medicine Wheel

We had a Seance at my house with Psychic Pat Beers, she told me I should put a medicine wheel in my backyard,  I prayed and asked for a sign where I should put the Medicine Wheel, minutes later we saw a perfect circle of yellow flowers, they weren't there the day before, we had put up our fence the day before and the flowers appeared right in front of the gate.  there wasn't a single yellow flower in the yard anwhere other than the circle, and they have never appeared since. I don't know what kind of flowers they are



Later that same night



There is a face in the Orb, crop below

Ed eating a Peanut butter and jelly