My Ghost Photos

Ghost photos pg.2

It's weird, every Vortex photo I have taken is in the same spot, right in front of that mirror

I was out back playing with my dogs when Ed snapped this picture, if you look closely the Orb has a Smiley face, there is a cropped photo of the orb below, also notice the light on the ground in the background and the Orb by the fence











 This is a crop from the previous photo, this Orb is right outside my deceased Rottweiler Yogi's kennel, it has a dog face and what is the little gold ball?



My kids, notice the faces in the window and door, this side of the house is shaded and the big window is open so that is screen not glass


Notice the blue boy in the upper left corner

this is the next picture on the roll, it's normal, there is a parrot cage in front of the  window you can see the bars of the cage




More unusual lights, this one has a face, it's on my bedroom wall, next to the mirror

Wolf Moon




 This was taken in my back yard, I was taking a picture of the full moon (it was the "wolf moon"  this is black and white film, 35 mm automatic camera, check out the next photo

Next photo





 This is not camera shake, if you look closely the stars are still in focus not blurry