My Ghost Photos

My Ghost Photos Pg.1

My name is Amy, I live in a very haunted house in Akron Ohio with my husband Ed, kids, and many many animals.  we have lived here for over 20 years, the haunting started immediately after moving in.  No one believed me when I started seeing things, so I kept my cameras nearby and snapped a photo when things would appear. Look at this photo of my house, look closely, there are faces in the windows and door, there is also a man's face in the air next to the house, it is circled, enlargements below

  The glowing eyes are my dogs



There is so much controversy with the orb phenomena, my husband Ed went out to feed our dogs and came running in saying he saw a green orb, I ran outside and got this photo, it was a manual 35 MM Camera not a digital, and if you look closely at the blue orb it has a shadow, one of the orbs at the bottom has a face in it



 Unusual lights appear on the walls, this is an upstairs hallway with no windows or light source






Weird lights in the bathroom, this was at nite so it's not sunlight reflecting off a mirror or anything like that